Casablanca Interior Design Co.



//Your Journey to a Comfortable Living Starts Here.//

Since our establishment, CASABLANCA has been aiming to create ideal & cost-effective living and working spaces for clients with our innovative and unique interior designs.

Our ethos - "Excellence is a continuous journey that never ends." We focus on interactions with all stakeholders with sincerity and reliability, and strive to work out the best spatial experience for the clients.






Chief Designer

Kam Chan - Born in 1967, an experienced and well-known interior designer in Hong Kong.

He specialises in integrating European classic and comtemporary style in his design with great combination of colors and materials. Moreover, he is talented at transforming interior layouts.

He has been interviewed by TVB and Magazines. It is also his honor to receive awards conferred by China Building Decoration Association (CBDA), and be the guest speaker to introduce his awarded design on stage.







Our Team​

Casablanca design team is led by the chief designer who design innovative and unique homes and shops.

Our Teams present design value through the bonding between human and interiority. We provide clients with perfect spatial experience, and bring out visual and tactile fulfilment via quality service.

Our construction team has also gained trust and suopprt from the cleints throughout the years.






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